Monday, November 9, 2015

Good Days by goldtitaniumman

                                                        Good Days by goldtitaniumman

Being in a support group for PTSD suffers can be a blessing and a curse for Nasir. It's a blessing because he's able to work through his past trauma; and it's a curse because the most handsome man he's ever laid eyes on just happens to be there as well. Nasir knows that trying to start a relationship in his support group may not be the best idea, but he just can't resist the easy rapport he has with Agron....oh, and those dimples are absolutely breathtaking!

This is a short read that gives readers a quick glimpse into the lives of people who are struggling to move forward with their lives. Agron, as you can imagine, is not the easiest person to talk to, but the connection that he and Nasir share is very sweet and endearing. I also appreciated how the author worked some canon elements into the story, particularly when it comes to Agron and Nasir's painful pasts.

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