Monday, December 4, 2017

Siren's Lure by zero4life

Siren's Lure by zero4life

When Alec is attacked by a siren and injected with a siren's lure, he is immediately taken to Magnus for treatment. Unfortunately, the only way to lessen the effects of the spell is through sexual contact. Alec is embarrassed, but at the same time desperate for relief. Magnus is extremely cautious because they barely know each other and he doesn't want to take advantage of the situation for his own pleasure...even though he would be helping Alec. How will the two men handle the stressful and tense 12 hours together?

Wow! This story is something else! The sexual tension between Alec and Magnus is so palpable that your heart rate will race during each and every chapter. Even though the sexual aspect of the story is at the forefront, there is also a really interesting background story as well. Alec and Magnus are not in a relationship and they don't really know each other that well. It's known that Magnus is attracted to Alec, but he's still in the closet and afraid to live as his true self, which makes the situation that much more tense and difficult. This is an engrossing read that I definitely recommend!

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