Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review: Remember When by Harper Logan

When Cuke awakes in the hospital, a piece of him is gone. Three years have disappeared from his mind, and he’s doesn’t even recognize his life - or the people in it. And then there's this super hot guy who appears to be his boyfriend...

Bouj will never be able to erase the memory of Cuke's skull cracking against the pavement during a typical game of basketball. He'd do anything to help his roommate piece his life back together, but he runs into an awkward situation when Cuke seems to think Bouj is his boyfriend. He knows he should correct his friend's mistake... and yet, something stops him.

Will Bouj realize that his feelings for Cuke run deeper than heterosexual affection? And even if they find love in each other's arms, will Cuke ever remember how they got to this point?

This was an interesting read. The main characters are quite likable and I easily became invested in their happiness.

  • The friendship between Cuke and Bouj was lovely and I enjoyed watching their relationship evolve.
  • I thought the last few chapters were great! There was angst, but it was balanced with sweet moments.
  • A character that is introduced late in the story was probably my favorite part of the entire book.
  • The nicknames Cuke and Bouj were distracting and not my cup of tea. Their given names of Jake and Bryan, respectively, were perfectly acceptable and I wish they would have been used more rather than the unconventional nicknames.  
  • I'm not a fan of  the "dude bro" mentality of many of the characters. To be fair, this is a story about college guys who love to party and live it up, but it became exhausting after a while.
  • The parents. Talk about exhausting!

All in all, this is a pleasant story that should hold your attention. My cons are more about personal tastes, but you may want to take those things into account prior to reading.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

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