Monday, January 8, 2018

Bright Lights, Small Town by Lecrit

After the sudden death of his mother, Magnus must leave the comfort of New York City to handle her estate. The thought of going to the small town in Indiana turns Magnus' stomach, especially since he and his mother hadn't been very close after she moved away. When he arrives, he encounters a motley crew of characters who welcome him with open arms. It's the town vet, however, that causes the biggest reaction. Magnus doesn't know if he wants to punch the guy or kiss him. Will Magnus be able to take care of his late mother's affairs and return to New York, or will the quaint gentility of the town and its inhabitants make him want to stay?

This is an incredibly good story! Lecrit takes all of our favorite Shadowhunters/TMI characters, seamlessly places them in an AU, but keeps them pretty true to canon. The bickering and subtle flirting between Magnus and Alec is hilarious to watch. It's obvious from the start that there's a spark between them, hence the constant arguing, and I often found myself thinking "Just have sex already!" lol If you're looking for a pretty epic love story that will take you through a myriad of emotions, Bright Lights, Small Town is the one for you.

~ M

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