Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: Good-Time Boys Series by Carol Lynne

I recently read the Good-Time Boys series by Carol Lynne. Rather than write separate posts for each book, I figured I'd devote one post to the entire series.

Sonny's Salvation

2.5 stars

Very short, so it was difficult to connect with the MCs. Their romance happened very quickly and I found myself more interested in Sonny's and Garron's brothers. Hopefully I'll get a better sense of the MCs after reading the subsequent books in the series.

Garron's Gift

3 stars

This was an okay read. The pacing was kind of slow, so I found myself skimming through much of it. Garron and Sonny's new situation was heartbreaking, but it was nice to see them working through it. The blossoming romance between Rawley and Jeb stood out the most in my opinion. The mystery, unfortunately, seemed to lag and the abrupt ending/cliffhanger was irksome. I will continue with the series to see how the story wraps up.

Rawley's Redemption

3.5 stars

In this book, Rawley continues to try to bring Sonny's shooter to justice while trying to navigate his new relationship with Jeb.

I liked this book better than the previous two and felt the pacing had improved wonders. However, the book still suffered from typos and incorrect word usage (e.g. steel was used instead of steal). I usually overlook these types of mistakes, but after three books in this series, I figured the editing would have improved.

I enjoyed watching Rawley and Jeb's romance blossom. They had their occasional bumps in the road, but always continued to love one another. I still felt bad for Sonny and Garron as they tried to move on and live their lives after the shooting and its repercussions. The Nate, Rio and Ryan relationship was enjoyable as well. I usually steer clear of threesomes/polyamorous relationships, but I liked the chemistry between the three men. I may even read their book in the Cattle Valley series.

Lastly, I felt the culmination of the investigation against Sonny's shooter was very anti-climactic. After two books of trying to bring the guy to justice, the conclusion fell flat and I didn't feel as though he received his comeuppance. Sure, he'll go to prison, but that's only because of his stupid mistakes. I wanted him to suffer for what he did to Sonny, Garron and the other Good brothers.

Twin Temptations

I didn't read this book because m/f/m threesomes (or any threesome for that matter) aren't my thing. Involves twincest.

It's a Good Life

3 stars

In the fifth book in the Good-Time Boys series, Sonny's seizures and headaches seem to be getting worse in intensity and frequency. He fears his time is coming to an end and lashes out at those around him, particularly his husband, Garron. When the opportunity to have surgery to potentially fix the problem arises, Garron does everything in his power to ensure that Sonny realizes that he survived the shooting for a reason and that everyone wouldn't be better off without him.

Overall, the story was nice. Seeing all of the characters from the series once again was a treat. I felt like I was visiting with old friends each time once of them was reintroduced; however, the same problems I had with the other books persisted. The pacing still seemed too sluggish and typos continued to pop up in the text.

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