Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let the Rain Come Down by KellanCougar

Let the Rain Come Down by KellanCougar - COMPLETE

Living on the streets isn't easy, so when Jasper, a hustler, notices a frazzled and thin young man rifling through the trash for something to eat, he immediately empathizes. Jasper knows exactly what it's like to not know when his next meal will come. Selling his body seems to be the only option at this point, but Jasper knows he can't do this forever. When he finally approaches the skittish young man, he is determined to take him under his wing and do everything in his power to ensure that Edward is safe.

This is a beautifully powerful story. I immediately fell in love with Jasper and Edward and was heartbroken hearing about both of their struggles. However, the way they relied on and supported each other is what really touched me. Even though this story has its fair share of angst, it's also quite sweet and poignant. Please give this gem a try! You won't be same afterwards.

~ M

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review! You really made my day :)