Friday, January 25, 2013

My Kind of Rain by writerchick0214

My Kind of Rain by writerchick0214

On a typical day at the prison, Daryl takes Glenn to a special place where he finds solace during troubling times.

I thought this one shot was adorable. I LOVE Daryl Dixon and have always held a soft spot for Glenn (isn't he the epitome of a bad ass this season...well, after Daryl of course). Seeing two of my favorite Walking Dead characters happy and in love during a zombie apocalypse? Perfection!

~ M

p.s. How cute is that gif? lol


  1. Oh wow! This is Writerchick here, wanting to say how flattered I am that you liked this so much. I have no problem with you posting, especially since you provided a link and gave me credit, but if you ever do it again can you send me an email?

    Only because this is so exciting, I want to share with some of my fellow fanfiction buddies! Makes me feel kind of special lololol

    PS. that gif is seriously adorable

    1. No problem! I'm glad you liked the rec! Take care!