Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: Secret Chemistry by Chris T. Kat

In 1993, thirteen-year-old werewolf shapeshifter, Tim, discovers he is mated to a hybrid wolf-fox, Jay. This is not good because hybrids are looked down upon and killed almost immediately since they are a threat to the pure werewolf bloodline. His troubles only seem to double when he discovers that his mate not only a hybrid, but male and currently only three-years-old. Tim looks past all of these things and connects with little one on a purely platonic level while trying to save him from being murdered. In the process, the two are separated and Tim must spend the next 18 years wondering what became of his mate. When an adult Jay unexpectedly comes back into his life in 2011, Tim vows to never let him go, even if it means giving his own life to protect his one and only.

I typically do not read shapeshifter books, but found this one to be quite interesting. It has a great mix of suspense, romance and angst all rolled up into a rather engrossing storyline. An 18-year time jump could be disastrous, but Chris T. Kat handled it in a way that allowed the reader to see the growth of the characters without feeling as though we had been haphazardly thrown into another time period. Both of the MCs were very likable and I found myself rooting for their reconciliation. I was anxiously on the edge of my seat during the build up to Tim and Jay finally mating, so much so that I could actually feel the tension, frustration and desire the characters emanated.

In my opinion, the stand out character was Robin, Tim's younger brother. He was absolutely adorable and I hope he gets his own book someday. Utilized as comic relief and a voice of reason between the characters, I found myself wanting to know more and more about him. I felt as though Tim's other siblings sort of disappeared after a while and wished their stories could have been wrapped up a little better. I wanted to know if Laura took the advice of her doctor and wife and stayed away from riding until she was fully recovered from childbirth. Secondly, I wanted to know what happened to Debra, the most annoying and spiteful of Tim's siblings. She was such a nasty character who seemed to inflict pain on her family, particularly Tim, for no reason other than her own enjoyment. 

All in all, Secret Chemistry was a very enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend to others.

The author provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I'm very glad you liked Secret Chemistry and thank you for this thoughtful review.

    As for Robin: I've written his story and it's currently at my beta reader. :)

    1. You're very welcome!!! I can't wait to read Robin's story! :D