Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: A Slice of Love by Andrew Grey

Marcus Wilson runs a fairly new bakery, A Slice of Heaven, in the quaint town of Carlisle, PA. The business is slowly growing, but if he doesn't generate additional business, he could potentially close down within three months. Gregory Southland, who we met in book two of the "Of Love" series, A Serving of Love, is relatively happy in his current job, but is looking for some additional part-time work for some extra cash. When his good friend and ex, Sebastian, suggests he help out Marcus in his bakery, he jumps at the chance. Little did either man know that their meeting would lead to something very special.

Andrew Grey never fails with this series. The characters are complex, imperfect, and just overall good. I appreciated Marcus' work ethic and desire to build his business into a very successful venture. Gregory was particularly poignant because he refused to allow his situation (being HIV positive) dampen his outlook on life or slow him down.

The romance aspect of the book was really quite sweet and didn't seem contrived or forced down the reader's throat. The slow progression of the realtionship between Marcus and Gregory was refreshing and their own personal issues were handled in a respectful and realistic manner.

I would highly suggest this book for any Andrew Grey fan as well as those who appreciate stories about two people in love who rise above their circumstances.

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