Monday, May 6, 2013

The Chains That Bind Us by Hank's Lady

The Chains That Bind Us by Hank's Lady

Actor, Edward Cullen, figured he had a pretty good life. He's had a profitable career as a child actor and transitioned into adulthood by taking on more serious roles. However, he feels stilted because he's pressured to take roles that his father, director Carlisle Cullen, chooses for him. On top of the stress of his career, he's just learned that his girlfriend, Bella, has cheated on him with her co-star. Wanting to get away from it all, Edward turns to the one person who could possibly pull him out of his depression, Jacob Black, his former hero, mentor and crush.

Here's another great story from Hank's Lady, except this one takes a page out of real life. It's still in its early stages, but I'm already invested in these characters and their happiness...and Bella's demise professionally and socially. lol I also love the fact that Jacob is older, wiser and more experienced. Edward looks up to him, which makes this story even more intriguing. You won't be disappointed with this one! Check it out!

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