Monday, May 13, 2013

Son Knows Best by Pragmatic

Son Knows Best by Pragmatic

Single father, Edward Masen, has a pretty good life, but he wants someone to share it with. His adorable son, Jake, brings light into his life, but Edward's life gets a even brighter when Jasper Whitlock moves in next door. Even though he's attracted to Jasper, Edward is still apprehensive about pursuing a relationship. However, with the help of a dog and a rambunctious little boy, Edward and Jasper are thrown together in various situations and slowly grow closer.

This story is absolutely adorable and will give you a warm feeling in your chest. Edward and Jasper's UST is great to watch and so often I wanted to reach through my computer screen and give Jake a big hug. He is just too cute! If you're looking for a feel good story that will bring a smile to your face, this is the one for you!

~ M

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