Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Review: Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz

When firefighter, Travis Conners, lays eyes on his nephew's second grade teacher, Anthony Pappas, he's instantly smitten with the sweet, passionate and adorable man. Their connection is undeniable, but both men are plagued with insecurities: Travis feels he's not smart enough to be with someone like Anthony, and Anthony can't believe someone as model-gorgeous and hunky as Travis would give him the time of day. Anthony also has the otherworldly ability to know when someone is lying to him. Will the two men be able to overcome their insecurities and accept a potentially awesome relationship?

I thought this was a really sweet story. It's a very quick read, but I felt like I knew the characters. Both Travis and Anthony were great guys and were even better together. The paranormal aspect to the plot seemed a little forced and out of nowhere, but it also provided a catalyst for the "big misunderstanding", which, in my opinion, was heart wrenching, especially for Anthony. All in all, I really enjoyed this book.

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~ M

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