Friday, December 27, 2013

Adopt a Dog by EdwardsMate4Ever

Adopt a Dog by EdwardsMate4Ever

While working at the annual Pit Bull Adoption Fair, Seth feels dismayed. He's in charge of the older dogs, who are always harder to place in forever homes than the puppies. On top of that, the breed has such a stigma attached to it, so Seth's day seems hopeless. When a handsome strangers shows interest in Seth's favorite, eight-year-old female Pit, Xena, he's both happy that she'll be in a good home and saddened that she'll be leaving the shelter. However, Xena's adoption may bring more happiness than he ever anticipated.

I really enjoyed this story! As a dog lover, I appreciated the fact that EdwardsMate4Ever highlighted adopting dogs that are not only difficult to place because of breed, but also age. It breaks my heart every time I visit an animal shelter and see the older dogs waiting to be adopted. :( EdwardsMate4Ever was also able to effectively mix in the right about of snark, wide-eyed wonder and compassion into my favorite Twilight character, Seth. Emmett was great as the all-American hunky guy with a teddy bear's heart. The development of the MC's relationship seemed very realistic and didn't seem at all rushed in this one shot. Definitely give this heartwarming story a try! It's really sweet.

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