Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Boy Who Bakes by Evergreene

The Boy Who Bakes by Evergreene

Summary:  In which Agron works in a bakery called the Ludus and Nasir has a crush on him.

Nasir has been harboring a crush on the wildly handsome Agron, who works at the new bakery, The Ludus, across the street from his place of employment. Encouraged, and forced, by his good friend and co-worker, Naevia, to meet the enticing stranger, Nasir is struck by not only Agron's beauty, but also his kindness.

Agron, on the other hand, recognizes Nasir immediately. In another life, he and the little man shared something truly special, and Agron has been waiting, rather impatiently, in this life for the return of his love. Will Nasir remember the passion and devotion he shared with Agron in a much simpler time, or will he become overwhelmed by his inexplicable feelings for his new friend?

If you're looking for a sweet and fluffy reincarnation fic, this is a great read. Evergreene captures the awkwardness and frustration shared by both Nasir and Agron as they try to navigate their new relationship. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop between the MCs and wonder when, and if, Nasir will remember their incredible love affair from so long ago.

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