Friday, December 20, 2013

Life for Sale, Love for Keeps by Raven.Borgia

Life for Sale, Love for Keeps by Raven.Borgia

After yet another day of fighting in the arena, Agron and Duro use their winnings to purchase whores for a night of passion. The raven-haired slave, known as Tanis, chosen to fulfill all desires immediately intrigues Agron. He is taken by his beauty, but there is also something deep down that Agron can't ignore. Tanis is shocked by the tenderness and care bestowed upon him. So often the other gladiators are rough and unkind, leaving him injured and empty. Each week Agron and Tanis meet to not only sate their desires, but also pretend that they are just two free men connecting with one another. When Ashur threatens to keep them apart, Agron must try everything within his power to keep Tanis safe and in his arms.

This story is so good! It has a great mixture tension, angst, heat and romantic fluff. I fell in love with both characters and with each passing chapter, I root for the success of their relationship. Things won't be easy for the couple as they exist in slavery, but I definitely look forward to seeing what happens!

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