Monday, December 2, 2013

Backstage Pass by MinaWritesSlash

Backstage Pass by MinaWritesSlash

Riley and his twin, Victoria, are traveling around Europe after graduating from college early. When he finds out that his all-time favorite band, Breaking Midnight, and crush, Edward Masen, are going to be in Rome playing a small show, Riley immediately braves the cold and a long line to buy tickets. Little does he know that a chance encounter at a cafe will lead to his dream come true.

This is a delightful story that everyone can relate to. We are all fans of someone or something, so living vicariously through Riley as he meets his idol and celebrity crush is a fun experience. The chemistry between the two men is really sweet and I found myself cheering by the end of the story. I definitely recommend this incredibly fluffy and romantic story!

~ M


  1. Thank you for this! You totally made my day. I'm so happy you enjoyed the story. xo Mina

    1. You're very welcome! It's a wonderful story! :D