Friday, February 21, 2014

I Fought the Law by malikyiaue

I Fought the Law by malikyiaue

Nasir is just a guy trying to have as much fun as possible...even if that fun tends to be on the illegal side. Agron is a cop who has to arrest the little punk on more than one occasion, but at the same time finds Nasir extremely attractive and alluring. When tragedy strikes, Nasir and Agron join forces and discover unexpected feelings for one another.

It's nice to read a story in which Nasir isn't quite the adorably wonderful character we've all come to know and love. In this story he has an edge to him that could very easily be interpreted as asshole-ish, but he also has some endearing qualities. The banter between Nasir, who is often a little too blasé and nonchalant for Agron's liking, and Agron, who is too straight-laced and uptight in Nasir's opinion, is quite funny and I looked forward to their interactions throughout the story. Definitely give this great fic a try!

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