Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Side by Side in This Gentle Descent by heartstrings

Side by Side in This Gentle Descent by heartstrings

Film students and close friends, Nasir and Agron, find themselves living together after Nasir experiences some financial issues. The two friends know each other so well that they can read each other's moods and body language. When Agron starts to seclude himself and become increasingly morose, Nasir and their mutual friends' concern grows. Agron is changing, but it is for the better or to his detriment? Nasir struggles as his feelings for his brooding friend blossom because rejection from someone else could be handled; however, rejection from Agron would be his end.

You can't go wrong with college AUs in my opinion, and this particular story lives up to my standards of an awesome college fic. It has a good balance of fluff, humor and angst. The depth of Nasir and Agron's relationship is portrayed quite well, whether it's through their sarcastic banter or their serious and emotional conversations. heartstrings did such a great job developing these characters that when I reached the end of this one-shot, I didn't want to let go of this couple. Definitely give this story a try! It's one of my favorites!

~ M

picture courtesy of Dan Feuerriegel's instagram

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