Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Year's Kiss by MrsWolfPack

New Year's Kiss by MrsWolfPack

Drowning his sorrows at the bar while happy people celebrate the coming new year, Jacob notices a sexy, yet adorable, young man ordering drinks. When a steamy kiss on the dance floor leads to a lust-filled, passionate night, neither man can get the other out of his head. Will they try to forge a new relationship, even though their age difference and Jacob's baggage could hinder them, or walk away with memories of an awesome one night stand?

Passionate, tender, sweet and fluffy, this story has it all. Jacob and Seth's immediate chemistry cannot be ignored and I found myself waiting anxiously for their next sex-filled meeting. However, once you get past all of the physical, there is a much deeper, highly emotional story. I would definitely recommend this fic, even if Jacob/Seth aren't your normal pairing. It's really great!

~ M

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