Monday, February 3, 2014

Altered Story by The Broken Chain

Altered Story by The Broken Chain

When Alice informs Jasper that the two of them will be joining a coven of vampires pretending to human and who only feed from animals, he is hesitant to say the least. Jasper's existence as a vampire has been wrought with battle, death and pain; so acceptance, contentment and familial love is something Jasper finds uncomfortable at first. However, one vampire in the coven, Edward, has stirred feelings in Jasper that he's never experienced, but at the same time welcomes. This may not be the existence Jasper envisioned for himself, but it may be the best thing that could have happened to him.

We all know the canon version of how Jasper and Alice came to live with the Cullens. This story takes that exposition and twists it slightly, giving readers better understanding of Jasper's struggle to fit in to his new lifestyle, and more insight into the thoughts and feelings of his adopted parents and siblings. It's amazing how interesting the individual members of the Cullen family are when Bella's drivel is omitted. lol I really liked this different look at Jasper's integration into the family and how he slowly developed a close and strong bond with the dark and brooding Edward. Definitely give this one-shot a try. It's a story that will capture your attention from the very first paragraph.

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