Friday, January 31, 2014

The Christmas Wish by Soulmate Ficwriter

The Christmas Wish by Soulmate Ficwriter

As a child Edward was fascinated by a little boy who stood ahead of him in line while waiting to meet Santa. Even though he no longer believed in the jolly man, he couldn't help but be pulled into the happiness and excitement the blond boy emanated. When he overheard Jasper's Christmas wish, Edward couldn't believe his ears. Jasper was pure innocence and joy and Edward didn't want to lose the feeling. Over the years, Edward and Jasper consistently crossed paths, but never had the opportunity to have a real conversation. Will fate bring them together once again?

Even though it's the end of January, this sweet Christmas-themed story warms the heart like a soothing mug of hot chocolate. This two-parter was written for this last year's Toys 4 Tots Christmas Wishes compilation and I can't wait to see how the story concludes!

~ M

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