Friday, January 10, 2014

Never Judge by the Looks by addicted-to-romione-bedward

Never Judge by the Looks by addicted-to-romione-bedward

Known as a player, party boy and consistent screw up, Edward barely knows what's going on when he arrives at his best friend's wedding reception after a long night of drinking. He was supposed to be the best man at the wedding, but his hangover prevented him from attending the ceremony. While there, a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress catches his attention. However, upon seeing the lady close up, he discovers she is actually the bride's brother, Jasper.

Jasper has never fit in due to his love of wearing women's clothes. He's all man, but he loves the feel of the soft fabrics against his skin. Jasper is torn because of the connection he feels toward Edward, but he also has a boyfriend waiting for him at home and he cannot ignore Edward's tarnished reputation.

I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I haven't read many pieces in which one of the characters is a cross dresser, but addicted-to-rominone-bedward was able to write Jasper in a way that you fully understand that the cross dressing is just one aspect of his personality and does not define him. It was interesting to see Edward not only come to terms with his feelings for Jasper, but also his own sexuality and what he really wants out of life. Check it out!

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