Monday, January 20, 2014

Fifty Shades of Rainbow by AuthorBoi

Summary: Edward is alone for a month and, with no Bella to keep him company, he decides to do a bit of reading when he is interrupted by none other than Emmett. What will happen when they sit down and watch a classic movie together...will true feelings come out? 

After 150 years of marriage, Edward feels lonelier than ever. The spark he once had for his wife is gone and he feels as though he's back in that same depressed and dark place he inhabited prior to meeting her. When the one constant in his life, Emmett, invites him over to watch a movie, feelings that Edward hasn't felt in decades resurface. Will Edward accept his feelings or turn his back on the one person who loves him most?

I've read a few of AuthorBoi's stories so far and each of them has impressed me greatly. The amount of emotion he is able to inject into this story is realistic without being melodramatic, but dramatic enough to hold my attention and leave me wanting more. It's great to see a young author coming into his own and I hope you give this riveting and enjoyable story a try.

~ M

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