Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Review: Giving a Little TLC (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck #9) by Jackie Nacht

3.5 stars

After his flight home to Colorado for Thanksgiving is canceled, Quinn finds himself all alone at the frat house. His friends Sawyer and Tyler are about to leave when Sawyer's twin, Mitch, arrives and invites Quinn along. At first he refuses because he doesn't want to intrude, but Mitch easily persuades him. Not only does he know very little about the family beyond his friendships with Sawyer and Tyler, but he also has a huge crush on Mitch...who also seems to be showing interest in him. Will Quinn be able to navigate the weekend without losing himself, and most importantly, his heart, in the process?

A continuation of Steamy Cider and Apples, this story is extremely heartwarming and sweet. The sexual tension between Mitch and Quinn is palpable and I found myself rooting for their blossoming relationship. The arrival of Merrick, the twins' older brother, and his husband, Darren, from Pink Bunny Ears...Seriously? was a real treat, especially when Merrick turned into a Black Friday extreme shopper, barking orders and delegating duties. Overall, this was a really sweet, holiday read.

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~ M

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