Monday, March 31, 2014

Always the Best Man by Water_Nix

Always the Best Man by Water_Nix

Weddings. For most people they're wonderful occasions full of celebrating and fun. However, for Kurt and his rag tag group of friends, they're opportunities to make fun of the guests and get as drunk as possible. Due to his less than stellar relationship history, Kurt doesn't really believe in all that "death do us part" mumbo jumbo. As long as he has his friends by his side, especially Blaine, he'll be just fine.

This Glee version of Four Weddings and a Funeral (without the funeral) was a sweet read that I really enjoyed. All of your favorite Glee characters are there to bring the laughs and the relationship between Kurt and Blaine will really melt your heart.

~ M

Story art by hopelesslydevotedgleek

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