Friday, March 7, 2014

Communal Living by PolkaDotMama

Communal Living by PolkaDotMama

Living in a sexually and judgment-free commune is the best life for Jasper. He helps the planet by living self-sustained and off the grid, but he also has the opportunity to explore his sexuality without the threat of pain, violence or fear. When new resident, Edward, moves in, Jasper is determined to have him. However, Edward's sexual repression and skittishness confuses, yet intrigues him. Will he be able to break down Edward's walls?

This story is so interesting. It not only has steamy hot scenes, but there is a lot of emotion as well. I know you'll enjoy seeing Edward come into his own and accept that his sexuality isn't something to be hidden away. Peripheral characters, Emmett and Carlisle, also play a pretty important role in Edward's growth. This is a great story that you should definitely check out!

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