Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Run to You by TwiSagaLover

Run to You by TwiSagaLover

After another trying dinner with his parents, who feel he should settle down with a nice girl and have a family, Carlisle finds himself wandering aimlessly through town, lost in his thoughts, and ends up in a tattoo shop. He is completely enamored by the young tattoo artist with a mischievous smirk and a penchant for chewing on his bottom lip. Drawn to the man and his work, Carlisle is soon in the tattoo chair having ink embedded in his skin...and Edward embedded in soul.

This is a nice, uncomplicated one-shot that was a fun read. I do wish that some plot points and characters had been fleshed out more, particularly Jake, whose back story deserved a little more exposition, but all in all it was a pleasant story that could definitely use a sequel. ;)

~ M

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