Monday, March 10, 2014

Things Under Your Skin by peloquine

Things Under Your Skin by peloquine

To commemorate quitting his job and focusing solely on his art career, Nasir decides to get a tattoo. This will be his first, but his nerves are compounded by the sinfully sexy giant of a man who greets him at the tattoo shop. Later revealed to be the brother of his tattoo artist, Nasir finds Agron's presence both distracting, endearing and hot as hell. Agron, however, is determined to do whatever is possible to enchant the nervous man sitting in the tattoo chair and make him his forever.

This has to be one of the most adorable Nagron stories ever! How can you go wrong with a nervous, yet adorable Nasir, tattoos and a shirtless, sweaty Agron? The interactions between Duro, Nasir and Agron are quite humorous, and peloquine's detailed descriptions of their tattoos may make you want to go out and get one yourself. Having been in the tattoo chair a few times myself, I appreciated peloquine's very realistic narration of the tattoo process from the nerves you feel while watching the tattoo artist prepare his/her station to the almost addictive quality of the pain. Give this story a shot. I know you will enjoy every moment!

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