Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Stardust by Andrew Grey

Duncan finds himself in Germany while overseeing an important project for work. As loneliness sets in, he befriends a kind co-worker, Georg, who not only becomes a tour guide to Duncan, but also captures his heart. As Duncan's time in Germany comes to a close, he tries to soak in as much of this wonderful man as possible before they go their separate ways.

Overall, I thought this was a pleasant and enjoyable read. The blossoming romance between Duncan and Georg was sweet and both MCs were very likable.

I wish a little more focus could have been given to Duncan's past relationship. Every once in a while bad thoughts and memories would pop up, but he never really addressed them. It would have been nice to see him discuss his feelings of inadequacy with Georg.

My only real complaint was the abrupt ending of the book. I was shocked to see that I was only 85% of the way through the book (according to my Kindle), when I turned the page and saw an ad for the publisher. Hopefully Andrew Grey is planning a sequel so that readers can see what happens with Duncan and Georg's relationship in the future.

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