Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pay Back by Ggeri_Sminth

Pay Back Series by Ggeri_Sminth

After discovering that Connor cheated on him, Oliver tried to kick the man out of his life. Much to his surprise, Connor kept coming back, kept apologizing. Oliver gives in, his heart won't allow him to say no, but now that he has Connor back where he wants him, the thought of giving him a taste of his own medicine is all too tempting. Little does Oliver know that Connor is much more fragile than he ever anticipated.

This series of one shots is great! I love How to Get Away with Murder and the Connor/Oliver storyline ended up becoming much more engrossing than I ever thought it would.

In this series, Oliver is adorkable (as always) as he tries to have a real relationship with a commitment-phobe, and Connor demonstrates just how fearful and insecure he is. He may project the confident law student who doesn't let anything get to him, but deep down he has issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately Oliver is there to help him through it.

~ M

p.s. The gif above is my favorite moment between Connor and Oliver in the tv show so far because it shows that Connor really does care about Oliver, despite all his postulating about how he doesn't do relationships. :)

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