Monday, December 1, 2014

The Unfortunate Courier by piratevirgin

The Unfortunate Courier by piratevirgin

When he's almost run off the road while making a delivery, Nasir (Nathan) makes it a point to confront the driver. There have been way too many accidents involving couriers and this rich jerk needs to understand that everyone's life matters on the road. Agron (Adam) has been trying to heal from the recent death of his brother. He's a banker and in such a cutthroat business, he has to stand his ground. When a gorgeous courier barrels into his life, he never wants to let him go. If only he could keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to win the young man's heart.

This is a sweet story that will take readers through a roller coaster of emotions. The slow burn of the relationship between Agron and Nasir doesn't seem long and drawn out and I really enjoyed how the overall story developed. Definitely check out this great AU!

~ M

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