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Blog Tour: Rooftops by John Wiley


Title: Rooftops
Author: John Wiley
Genre: Contemporary, Gay Romance, New Adult
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward ink Publishing


rooftops coverIts summer and three friends from Ohio graduate college, ready to start making their way in the real world.

Rhys; the eternal optimist who wants to be an actor and moves to Los Angeles.

Erick; the career man, seeking money and position who moves with him.

And Joey; the aspiring artist, who for the love of his girlfriend, Cheryl, stays behind in Ohio.

While attempting to follow their dreams each must face their share of personal and professional obstacles. Each is tested. Will they lose sight of themselves?

Will old friendships fall apart and new friendships form?

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THE MOVING truck pulls into a parking lot for an indoor batting cage and moves around to the back of the building. Once the engine is turned off, Rhys and Erick climb out and look at the building.
“Well, this is the place,” says Erick, reading his MapQuest directions.
“It looked nicer online,” says Rhys.
“I told you we shouldn’t have signed a lease before looking at it!”
“I feel like we just had this conversation with your sister.”
“Yeah, but she has a good point. We could have stayed in a hotel while we looked for a place,” says Erick.
“And how would we pay for a hotel? I told my family I wouldn’t become a prostitute.”
“Really? I told mine that I would. My mom said I have too nice of an ass to keep it covered up.”
“It’s true.” Rhys walks to a set of old wooden stairs leading to the roof. “Shall we?”
“Let’s.” Erick pulls an envelope with the keys to the apartment out of his pocket and walks up the stairs.
Rhys grabs his courier bag and follows. Midway up, the stairs begin to wobble. “Think they have an escalator? Or an elevator? Or maybe some of those grooves and wedges like on that American Gladiator wall game? Basically anything safer than these stairs—a term I use very loosely by the way.”
“According to the information they sent us, I would guess this place was built before American Gladiators.” Erick gets to the top of the stairs and looks around. "In fact, I'd guess this place was built before TV was invented."
Rhys gets to the top of the building and looks around. It has a flat roof with what looks like a second level over half of it. There are three doors to that level, each leading to a different apartment. On the flat half of the roof are some children's toys, a bistro table, and a picnic table. In front of the middle apartment, pink lawn flamingos lean against the building.
"What one are we?" he asks.
"Umm... two-oh-four," says Erick, reading the directions.
They walk to the last door and unlock it. They enter the apartment and turn on the lights. Straightaway they are in the kitchen slash living room. To the right are three doors; one to each bedroom and one for the bathroom.
"It does have a second level, right?" asks Rhys.

About the author

JOHN WILEY is currently a barista that hates coffee, but is really good at making it. When not writing, he likes to expose his cat to as many Christmas movies as possible. Just like his life, his biography is a work in progress.

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