Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples

Nagisa is an incredible dancer and is studying to become a professional at a prestigious dance academy. However, in order to pay his tuition, he works as a stripper. It's good money and he gets to show off his dancing skills. Things get
a little complicated when a new, blue-haired bartender catches his eye.

I adore this story! The fact that Nagisa is a stripper may turn some people off, but it's a really interesting premise. Rei is not just the intellectual dork we've all come to know and love from the anime. There is a dark side to him AND he has tattoos! The development of Rei and Nagisa's friendship definitely brought a smile to my face, and their burgeoning romance warmed my heart. Check it out!

~ M

artwork credit: muchacha11

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