Monday, March 18, 2013

Appreciated, but Not Required by L.A.91

Edward has just experienced the death of a parent and not only has to deal with the pain of that loss, but he also must deal with the whispers and murmurs of his classmates as he tries to put on a brave face at school. When the guy who has been the source of torment and embarrassment tries to show his support, Edward wants nothing to do with it. Will Emmett be able to break through and explain the reasoning behind his bullying or will Edward continue to shut him, and everyone else, out?

Although this one shot is quite sad a times, there is also a sweetness that balances out the angst. Edward's pain is described so vividly that I just wanted to reach through the screen, give him a hug and tell him that everything would be okay. Emmett also won me over with his quiet support and desire to comfort someone he has a lot in common with.

Please check out this beautiful story, but you may want to have a kleenex or two handy just in case. *giggle*

~ M

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