Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Review: The Fight Within (The Good Fight #2) by Andrew Grey

In this sequel to The Good Fight, Bryce has suffered the loss of his fiance days before their wedding. Even after a year, he hasn't fully moved on and is still immersed in his grief. When his good friends, Jerry and John, invite him to go camping, he reluctantly agrees. While there, he not only discovers the poverty and desolation on the reservation, but he also finds himself attracted to Paytah, a hardened young man who keeps just about everyone at a distance. 

After some rough starts, Bryce and Paytah develop a friendship that soon awakens more powerful, romantic feelings. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was nice to see all of the characters from the previous book as well as get to know the new characters on the reservation. The relationship between Bryce and Paytah was frustrating and difficult at first, but eventually bloomed into something quite lovely. Paytah's past was heartbreaking and hard to read, but was handled with tact and realism. 

I must admit that little Mato, John's nephew, kind of stole the show for me. He was absolutely adorable and brought a ray of sunshine into an otherwise heavy storyline. :)

Highly recommended.

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