Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fight or Flight by SarahAH30

Fight or Flight by SarahAH30

In this spin on Eclipse, Edward and Jacob are protecting Bella during the newborn battle. However, Edward is fighting a battle of his own: he's not really in love with Bella, but isn't entirely comfortable with his sexuality, especially being raised in a time when homosexuality could get a person killed.

When Victoria and Riley appear on the mountain, Edward realizes that the person he's supposed to spend his life with is not the clumsy brunette human, but the red-eyed male newborn vampire.

I definitely enjoyed this different look at what happened on the mountain. Riley has always been a mysterious character that I wish had been better developed and this story not only pairs him with Edward, but also provides a better look into how Victoria manipulated him to do her dirty work.

Very good!

~ M

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