Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Review: The Good Fight by Andrew Grey

Jerry Lincoln, a self-employed computer programmer, is pretty overwhelmed with work. His small business has more work than he can handle, so he sets out to hire an associate to help lessen the workload. After a rigorous interview process, he settles on two candidates, Bryce and Akecheta (John) Raven Black, a gorgeous Native American who grew up on a nearby reservation, but left for a better life. When even more work comes Jerry's way, he decides to hire both men. However, this slightly troubles him because he's very attracted to John and doesn't want that to interfere with their working relationship. John, who is trying to gain custody of his niece and nephew, who were placed in foster care after his sister died, is very grateful to Jerry for the opportunity. Social Services seems intent on blocking John at every turn, but with the help of Jerry, he's better equipped to fight the organization.

I thought this was a really sweet story. Jerry and John relationship was gradual and didn't seem at all forced, which allowed for a deeper and more realistic connection. The secondary characters were all enjoyable as well. Everyone was well-developed and I felt like I truly knew them. The story seemed to drag at times, particularly when dealing with the John's custody battle, so I found myself skimming those pages. Overall, I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading the sequel, The Fight Within, featuring Bryce.

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