Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: False Evidence by Jon Michaelsen

3.5 stars

Kevin, a corporate accountant, finds his life turned upside down when he notices a handsome young man living in the building across the street. Interest and infatuation quickly turns into obsession as Kevin watches the man through binoculars and cameras. When the two men finally meet, Kevin's desire increases tenfold. He also soon discovers that Tony is living in a complicated situation with a partner. Even though he knows the risks involved, Kevin still pursues the relationship, with disastrous results.

While reading the first half of this book, I noticed it's like a modern-day Rear Window, a favorite movie of mine. The voyeuristic nature makes the story thrilling, yet at the same time disturbing. Kevin's obsession with Tony runs deep, almost to the point where I questioned his sanity. What made it even sadder was the fact that this behavior was Kevin's only form of excitement in his mundane life.

The overall mystery, which starts about 65% into the book, was gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat. I flew through the last third of the book, desperate to see what was going to happen. False Evidence sets the groundwork for additional books as the MC tries to solve the mystery for the sake of his own sanity and freedom. I look forward to reading them and seeing where Jon Michelsen takes this character.

I noticed a couple of typos, but nothing that was too distracting. I think the one thing I took the most issue with was the character Alice. She was very unlikeable and seemed to think she was entitled to know every detail of Kevin's life. Part of me wondered if she had feelings for him, despite knowing he was gay. She seemed way too needy, clingy, rude and petulant to be anyone's friend.

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