Monday, March 25, 2013

Finding Our Colors by Jaspered01

Finding Our Colors by Jaspered01

Wondering what happened to his marriage and the man he thought he knew, Jasper takes the necessary steps to regain his confidence and become a better man.

This drabble-esque story is definitely an emotional rollercoaster! My heart broke for Jasper over and over again and I wanted to strangle Edward for being so callous, arrogant, selfish and spiteful. If you're a die-hard Edward lover, you may want to skip this because he possesses very few redeeming qualities so far. However, I really like the message Jaspered01 presented: Jasper must find himself again, independent of Edward. Once this occurs, and he no longer needs Edward, Edward's world will crumble. I absolutely can't wait for that moment!

~ M

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