Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Knock Upon the Door by kateyes085

A Knock Upon the Door by kateyes085

Nasir's good friend, Naevia, believes that all of his problems would be solved if he had a good roll in the hay. Ignoring his friend's silly theories, Nasir proceeds with the rest of his day until a knock at his front door changes his life forever.

Short and sweet, this cute one-shot that left me wanting so much more. Even though Agron is an escort who has sex for a living, kateyes085 effectively portrayed the intense connection shared between the two men. I found myself rooting for the happy ending, even if it seemed impossible.

aurielo3207 extended kateyes085's story by showing what happened after Nasir and Agron's fateful night together in It's Rock and Roll, Baby (chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4). It was the author's first foray into Nagron fanfiction, so there are typos, but the overall story is quite enjoyable. I appreciate that she gave us more insight into the blossoming relationship between the confident and self-assured Agron and innocent and naive Nasir.

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