Monday, September 29, 2014

Get Out of the Kitchen by FunkyinFishnet

Get Out of the Kitchen by FunkyinFishnet

As one of the head chefs in Thrace, Agron strives for excellence in all his dishes. When his co-worker informs him that food blogger, Nasir Attasi, has just arrived for a meal, Agron's confidence is shaken. Not only is Nasir a force to be reckoned with as a food critic, but Agron also harbors the biggest crush on him. Will Agron be able to catch Nasir's attention or will his nervousness make him crash and burn?

I really liked this story! As a foodie, reading fanfic set in a restaurant setting is right up my alley! I enjoyed seeing how awkward Agron became when he discovered that the man of his dreams, and the person that could potential make or break him and restaurant, was sitting in the dining area.

This is a very uncomplicated and fun story that will certainly bring a smile to your face!

~ M

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