Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Of a Size" Spartacus Nagron Fan Comic by figbash

"Of a Size" Spartacus Nagron Fan Comic by figbash

Once again, Mira is the ultimate Nagron fangirl!

Now this isn't a fanfic in the traditional sense, but figbash's Nagron series, which consistes of both written word and adorable drawings, always brings a smile to my face! Of a Size  is particularly funny because of Mira's fangirling...and Nasir's lovey dovey ogling of his man (his line, "Don't start no sh*t, won't be no sh*t." tickled me lol).

As you can see, figbash makes our beloved Nagron even cuter and sweeter in her drawings and I always  look forward to what she creates next! Definitely give this fan comic and her entire Nagron series a try. I know you will love it!

~ M

Image credit: figbash

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