Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Waking Up with Amnesia by spooktacus

Waking Up with Amnesia by spooktacus

When Agron wakes up in a hospital bed, he's confused, sore and disoriented. He cannot believe his eyes and ears when he discovers that the ethereal beauty sitting next to his bed is not there to see him, but is also his husband!

This cute one shot is based on the viral video of a man waking up after surgery and being completely surprised and elated that the woman next to him is his wife. I really enjoyed this slightly different portrayal of that situation. Agron's reactions are hilarious, and you can't help but giggle with Nasir as Agron amusingly struggles with fact that such a hot guy married him! If you're looking for something short, sweet and fluffy, this is definitely the fanfic for you!

~ M

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