Monday, September 8, 2014

Ripples by winterwonderland

Ripples by winterwonderland

Agron's life is one sh*tstorm after another. His brother is lying in a hospital on life support, but Agron refuses to give up hope that he'll one day open his eyes. Much to his dismay, his boss, Spartacus, has taken pity on a little punk and allowed him to work at the bike shop. Agron just wants to do his job, ignore the new brat and hope against hope that Duro will return to him.

This isn't your typical Nagron modern au fic - think Sons of Anarchy  meets Spartacus - and I love it! Even though the plot still follows canon for the most part, the modern biker twist gives it a refreshing new life! I look forward to reading more and suggest you try it out as well! :)

~ M

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