Friday, November 30, 2012

Claiming Souls by MyTwiDreams

Claiming Souls by MyTwiDreams

Edward loves his mate. That's why he has to dispose of the men who dare touch his beautiful and pure Carlisle. Edward feels no remorse because he feels it's all for the best. Carlisle will be his one day, but until then, Edward will wait in the shadows, watch his beloved and kill those who get too close.

Carlisle constantly struggles with his feelings and urges. Being homosexual in the early 20th century could not only ruin his reputation, but also potentially have him killed. Occasionally he comes across a man who shares his same desires and gives in. However, shame consumes him afterwards. It's his dreams of a beautiful angel who provides a little solace, and night after night he wishes his angel were real.

I was absolutely blown away by this story. MyTwiDreams describes the emotions of Edward and Carlisle so effectively that you can almost feel the fear, frustration, desire, anger, lust and love swirling around you. Seeing a dark Edward and human Carlisle was a much welcomed and refreshing twist. Although great as it is, I hope MyTwiDreams will consider continuing this story because I can't get enough of these complex characters.

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