Friday, November 16, 2012

The Valley of Your Heart by rhythm junkie

The Valley of your Heart by rhythm junkie - COMPLETE

**I originally wrote this review about a year and half ago for the blog Jasper's Darlins. rhythm junkie recently completed the story and I wanted to highlight it once more.**

This incredible story follows the friendship between Jasper and Edward as they grow from children into young men.

The story starts out in Texas where both the Whitlock and Cullen families reside. Being small, awkward and new to the area, Edward is immediately targeted by bullies. Jasper defends him, nearly getting expelled, and they’re inseparable from then on. When Carlisle is offered a new job in Forks, Washington, the Cullen family packs up and leaves, separating the two best friends.

Due to a tragic event, Jasper comes to live with the Cullens for short period, but is forced to return to Texas to live with distant relatives, ripping the boys apart once again. During their time apart, Jasper endures horrible abuse and slowly changes from the happy go-lucky boy he once was into a quiet withdrawn young man. Finally escaping his personal hell, Jasper ends up on Edward’s doorstep.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but what happens next will make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Jasper and Edward’s constantly evolving relationship will have you rooting for them, screaming at them, and crying for them.

The Valley of Your Heart poingnantly shows how friendship and love are ever-changing and can make you feeling the highest of highs and the lowest of lows: hot and cold; needed and rejected. This is a powerful story that will leave you longing to see where Jasper and Edward's relationship takes them and if they'll ever truly find happiness together.

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