Monday, November 12, 2012

United We Fall (United Trilogy #1) by Hank's Lady

United We Fall (United Trilogy #1) by Hank's Lady - COMPLETE

When Jacob suddenly imprints on Edward, not only his enemy because he is a vampire, but also for the fact that he stole the girl he loved, all hell breaks loose in his life. He keeps the imprint a secret from just about everyone, but especially Edward. They form a strained acquaintanceship after a painful tragedy, but soon Jacob can no longer deny his feelings for the vampire. Will they find their happily ever after or be doomed to pain and heartache?

I'm already a fan of Hank Lady's stories. Healing a Damaged Soul is a current favorite of mine, so I was excited when I discovered this new one. Once again Hank's Lady creates characters that have a realness to them, making me view them more as two individuals rather than mythological creatures (a vampire and shape shifter) living in a fantasy world. The emotions Edward and Jacob experience come across as very effectively and I find myself waiting with bated breath for each new chapter. We're still pretty early in the story, so I'm sure Hanks Lady has a lot in store for these two characters. I can't wait!

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