Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going For It by angelbethy

Going For It by angelbethy - COMPLETE

When Edward, Jasper and their friends are invited to a frat party, something none of them have ever done in the past, they are reluctant, but excited. They're a group of nerds who are a little awkward, dress kind of badly and love World of Warcraft. Edward and Jasper have been best friends since freshman year, but Jasper harbors a secret that could potentially destroy everything they've built over the past three years. Will Edward be able to accept Jasper's secret?

I thought Going For It was absolutely adorable. It's so nice to see a nerdy Edward and Jasper and I couldn't help but smile at their antics. When Jasper's secret is reveled, I could feel his discomfort, panic and fear that he'd lose his best friend and the only person who ever really understood him. angelbethy mixes just the right amout of fluff, angst, humor and heat. Definitely check out this super sweet one shot! You won't be disappointed.

~ M

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