Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Whipping Boy by Fr333bird & Beckybrit

The Whipping Boy by Fr333bird & Beckybrit

Edward watches helplessly as Marcus viciously whips and tortures his friend, Seth, seeking information about the whereabouts of his daughter. Even though it pains him to see his friend hurt, he cannot and will not give up his daughter. She is the only piece of Bella that Edward has left after she was killed during the battle with the Volturi. Seth is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Edward because his feelings run much deeper. In his grief, will Edward be able to see beyond his friendship with the young wolf and the love behind Seth's actions?

When I first read this story last year, I immediately fell in love with it. There are many, many fanfic stories that I love, but this one seemed to resonate with me in a way that others haven't. The selfless love that Seth felt for Edward and their mutual admiration is beautiful, even amongst the ugliness they endure at the hands of Marcus and the Volturi guards. This story is just plain good and I would highly encourage all slash lovers to give it a shot.

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