Monday, November 19, 2012

Enduring Love by Ikuinen Talvi

Enduring Love by Ikuinen Talvi

When Seth and Jasper meet, they have instant chemistry. Soon their close friendship turns into love, but a tragedy that leaves Jasper fighting for his life changes everything. When the only way to save Jasper is to turn him into a vampire, shape shifter Seth must deal with the reality that the love of his life will now be his mortal enemy. Will their relationship survive or will they be doomed to stay on opposite sides forever?

Seth and Jasper are probably my favorite characters in the entire Twilight series, so reading a story in which they are together is perfection in my eyes. Enduring Love is a sweet, fluffy story that will warm your heart, but also has a good amount of angst and balance it all out. One aspact that I particularly like is that Seth is described as more assertive and dominant for a change. So often Seth is viewed as the kindhearted little brother who doesn't ruffle feathers and stays in the background. In this story we get to see more of his caring and protective demeanor.

While there are a few typos here and there, they never distract from the overall loveliness of the story. Definitely check this one out! :)

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